I’m a home inspector, I’m a farmer, I’m an author and I’m a husband. I’m a parent of two boys, two girls and so far, I’m a grandparent of five grandsons, three grand daughters. I grew up on a small ranch in central Oregon and we were poor. My dad was an inventor, a fixer, a cop, a carpenter and a cowboy. When something broke around the ranch, he didn’t run to town and buy a new one. He first tried to fix it and if he couldn’t fix it he figure out how to make one. That was the beginning of my education. My dad taught me this simple and important lesson; if some else can do it, so can you. Following in his footsteps, I became a D.Y.I.er, an inventor and a “Mr. fix-it”. When something breaks around the farm, or one of my sons crashes and wrecks a motorcycle, I don’t get mad I get busy and fix it. When something is broken, my first thought is always, “how am I going fix this?” When I need something I don’t go out and buy it, I see what’s out there and think, “I can make that” or “I can make that better”. That’s who I am, a Home-Grown-Engineer. To see my books go to: http://www.amazon.com/Lance-Larson/e/B004C1SG7M


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