Trampoline equipment shelter


I am big on re-purposing things and will always try to figure out how to make something out of what I have on hand or can get cheap and make work for may purpose. When my children wore out their 14’ trampoline I used the frame to make a shelter for our camp so we could sit outside our trailer and keep dry in the winter or keep out of the sun in the summer. DSCN0448

More recently I put together five trampoline frames to make a farm equipment shelter for my tractor, riding lawnmower, ATVs, motorcycles and brush-hog. Most people are happy to have someone haul away their “useless” trampoline frames or they will sell them for very cheap. I acquired all five frames for less than $40.00.Photo399

The structure ended up being about 14’ wide, 28’ long and 10’ tall. I welded the half arches together to give them strength, but bolting also works. Most of the arches slipped easily into the trampoline leg sections. The leg sections were bolted together and anchored to the ground with rebar stakes and wire. I covered the frame with a heavy-duty, 12-mil tarp and used trampoline springs to keep the tarp tight. Photo402

The same frame could also be used for making a green house, animal shelter or just use your imagination.

It is important to use trampoline frames that are all the same; all 14’ and all use either springs or use elastic tension bands. The two types of frames are slightly different sizes.

I also used one trampoline to make a cover for my lumber. I bolted the circle in four sections and made a lean-to of sorts against the back of the garage over my lumber rack. (See photo)

Note that the lumber rack is two wrought iron railings, standing on end and secured with cross supports. I got the railing free several years ago. I used the same railing to make two stalls in my barn.

I know that as these popular trampoline’s mats wear out there will be hundred or even thousands of frames and parts available for other uses. I have used a pair of legs, turned upside down, on my boat trailer as guides to keep my boat in the center of the trailer when loading it. I’ve used the springs for a dozen projects and the net wall enclosure that came with one frame to net fish out of my stock pond. I have plans to use part of the net to make a hammock for camp. I’ve sold some of the springs to people who needed them for their trampolines and even sold two jumping mats that came with the frames and weren’t in too bad of shape to people how had ripped mats. All and all, I think I have come out ahead dollar wise, and may have made enough money on selling the parts to pay for the tarp that covers the frame.

If you have any questions or need more information on how I constructed the frame, please let me know.


6 thoughts on “Trampoline equipment shelter

  1. robert

    you are the man. I had this idea and thought I might see some similar projects, you’ve gone where I haven’t thought to go yet.
    I want mine to be used for my rv. I was thinking of using metal roofing.
    I also think I need a way to build the frame taller, I suppose the straight length from the guard structure work.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Zee

    What sort of tarp did you use, and where did you obtain it from. We have a shelter and the recent storm brought a tree limb down and ripped the existing tarp. Size?, dollars? Source please. We were not as resourceful as you, we bought the structure and the tarp from harbor freight, to use as extra space for my husbands numerous projects, but now we need a replacement tarp.

    • Hi Zee, I have bought tarps from a couple of different places, nowhere in particular. Just google it and look for a heavy gage or thickness. Here’s a tip: when one tarp wears out I take it off and put the new one on, then I put the old tarp over the new one. The UV rays are what wear the tarps out, except when a tree limb falls through it. If you can tape the old tarp up and still put it over the new one your new one will last a lot longer. I also rotate the old tarp on mine so that the south side, sun side, is on the north side. Again to make the old one last longer. I hope this helps.

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